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Macdonald Valley, New South Wales, Australia.
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The village of St. Albans is situated on the banks of the Macdonald river branching off the much larger Hawkesbury river about 118 kilometers north west of Sydney, the largest City in Australia, and considering the areas historical links with the early Colony of New South Wales and the close proximity to Sydney the village of St. Albans is relatively unknown.
In fact the valley has been for many years been referred to by the locals as the "Forgotten Valley" as it has been by-passed over time by all the major road and rail routes leading north from Sydney.

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St. Albans, New South Wales, Australia, was named  after the Town of St. Albans in England, north of London. St. Albans, Hertfordshire, in turn, was named after Britain's first Christian martyr, Alban of Verulamium.  Alban was a Roman citizen of Verulamium  -  a town of major repute. Verulamium fell into decay in the 5th century but its ruins provided the materials for the construction of many buildings, including the famed Abbey and Cathedral Church - which contains Alban's shrine. St. Albans evolved around the Abbey Church as a small Saxon settlement. By the 13th century it had sufficient significance to be the venue for the drafting of the Magna Carta.

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St. Albans is located in the MacDonald valley less than 2 hours drive from the Sydney CBD.
Follow the old Great Northern Road and cross the car ferry at the town of Wisemans Ferry.
Continue up the Macdonald river to the Village of St. Albans.

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Local Attractions and Businesses

There are a number of interesting local Attractions and Businesses in the region, in particular the old St. Albans cemetery that contains the remains of some "first fleeters" of the settlement of the colony of New South Wales.

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St. Albans Rural Fire Brigade

 Located within the St. Albans village is the local branch of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.
This is manned by volunteers drawn from the valley and is a focal point for village activities.

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The Great North Road [Convict Trail]
The St.Albans Folk Festival  Australia
The City and District of St. Albans U.K.
The City of St. Albans West Virginia USA

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