St. Albans Rural Fire Brigade
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The Big City Tickertape Parade.
Xmas fires 2001-2002.
Or how the box became famous.

Monday, 21 January 2002 - The Premier of NSW, Bob Carr, has announced that a ticker tape parade through the streets of Sydney will be held on Friday 8 February 2002 to recognise the contribution of all those who participated in the recent Christmas Fires 2001.

January 2002 - NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Phil Koperberg has indicated that while the 22 day long bushfire crisis is effectively over, the work goes on for volunteer firefighters. "After one of the most protracted bushfire fighting campaigns in our State's history, it is clear that the weather has finally turned in our favour, easing the pressure on firefighters who continue to contend with a number of major bushfires," said Commissioner Koperberg.

"While the crisis point is now passed, the work goes on for our volunteer firefighters who will continue to monitor over 3200 kilometres of fire perimeter to ensure there are no breaks outs or re-ignitions of the fires."

"Throughout this bushfire crisis, our volunteers have been supported by their employers giving them leave or time away from work to battle the blazes. The community is indebted to these employers for their contribution to the firefighting effort. We do seek their continued support as the work goes on for our firefighters."

"Most of all, we need to recognise the bravery and commitment of our volunteer Rural firefighters, other emergency services workers and our interstate colleagues. There is no better testimony to their efforts than the more than 15,000 homes saved and no lives lost despite the most horrendous of fire conditions. The community of NSW owes them a debt of gratitude which simply cannot be repaid,"

Commissioner Phil Koperberg.


     'Excuse me chaps, waddya
     got there,
     where ya from.....'
     'Maaate, This is our famous
     brigade Box.
     where you from?'


    ' Who was that other bugger,
     if your famous enough for
     him your OK with me...'
    'Sure, no probs Ando, have
     you seen our famous box?'


  'Saint bloody Albans... Where on Earth
   is that.....   I dont suppose you have
   any business cards on you?'


'Saint Albans.....where  is that?
 Has anybody got a business card?'


  'OOOhh I Dooo love the uniforms......
  and the box.....I hear its famous.'
  'forget it Creany its a Brigade box.'


   We are the true custodians
    of the 'famous' box......



  Hey guys 'n' gals.
  This is our parade banner,
   highly crafted,
  sort of fits don' it.
  It will be famous one day.


     Yeah.. It really is my leg your sitting on...
     I am the one in the yellow.....



       Would you fight fires with this lot....


  Where the bloody hell is the Pub?
  Follow that box.....
  Its Famous y'know.


Yahoo....and we can still hear the speaches.

Now for a few Photies of a recent Brigade Training day.
luckly before the Xmas fires.


   Now, We spin the bottle


            Our good ol no. 1,
            in crew protection mode.


Hey......your supposed to be inside......


    Now you just use the blade
    to shovel up the mound of
    dirt like this...


  These training.days are
   bloody hard yakka eh....


    isnt it. and at the
    Bhuddist temple


Would YOU ride in a fire tanker with this man?


    More training....
    I rest my case..
    ps. Its the old convict
     bridge on the old
     northern road; silly...

Hey, now hows for our Brigade members in competition....


Arhh Man... then there was this blinding flash of light


      How come the Captain
      is doing nothing?

The Following is a reminder of the bad 1994 Bushfires.

A worrying time for the Locals as the then worst bush fires in NSW. in the summer of 1994, converge on the tiny Village. The local brigade prepares To battle the blaze.


This is the view from the river up Wharf Road showing some other Fire tankers assisting the local brigade.

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