The Morris/Rose Cottage.

Price Morris was an emancipist/farmer who took up the 50 acre grant of the property in 1837.  In the 1830’s the area became the home of prominent Welsh Methodist settlers and the Price Morris cottage the centre for Methodist meetings and worship.  A Methodist church was built, used and still remains in St. Albans but as the generations changed and parishioners grew older the use of the cottage as a meeting place re-occurred until the late 1960’s.   In one of the generations there were seven Preachers one of whom was the grandfather of the late Sir Allen Walker, founder of the Central Methodist Mission.

From 1837 – 1967 the farm produced fruit and vegetables for the burgeoning Sydney markets as well as pigs and calves for the meat market.  Since that time cattle have grazed the property and farming restricted to growing improved pasture or winter feed.  Despite the ravages of time, floods and drought occupancy of the farm has remained continuously in the Morris family for 167 years.

Price Morris History

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